CBD Softgel Capsules

Dr Green's Softgel capsules offer consistent dosage:

Consistent energy for daily living: feel energised throughout the day without the trash of stimulants. CBD is an adaptogen that supports your natural energy levels.

Feel the best: balance your brain's neurotransmitters, elevate your mood and improve overall living.


CBD Softgel benefits:

The easiest and most accurate way to get consistent doses of CBD every day.

Travel friendly.

CBD Capsules


Dr Green's potent dose of nano sized micro emusified CBD oil in a capsule. Designed for quick absorbtion, this full spectrum dose nourishes your body to achieve balance.

This exact daily dose of 25mg CBD will sufficiently support your endocannabinoid system.

30 capsules per pot.

Travel friendly and easy to swallow.


Lab tested - transparency is key for quality, purity and trust. All Dr Green's products are third party lab tested.

Zero THC

Organically Grown

Full Spectrum CBD

Fully Bioavailable

Lab Tested

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