CBD Tattoo Butter

Dr Green's Tattoo Butter can be used to promote a healthy and efficient healing process when geting a tattoo. It has been proven to reduce swelling and redness during and after. It contains lemongrass giving it a refreshing scent.

Dr Green's Tattoo Butter is available in three strengths

of CBD:

20ml/200mg, 50ml/500mg and 150ml/750mg.

Use our butter during and after your tattoo to promote a healthy and efficient healing process.

Apply the butter 2-3 times a day until you are healed. Carry on using the butter for a continuous healthy look to your tattoos.

Soy wax, cocoa butter, coconut oil,
CBD, olive oil, aloe vera, vitamin E oil,
almond oil, fruit extract, rosemary.

Prices start at £12.50 for 20ml.

Tattoo Butter


Zero THC

Organically Grown

Full Spectrum CBD

Fully Bioavailable

Lab Tested

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